Manjaro-Arm is Shutting Down **EDIT** Possibly being Continued

Updates • Feb 25th, 2017


It is with deep regret that we are announcing that the Manjaro-Arm team is shutting down. I started this project a little over a year ago with no intent to become the sole maintainer. My idea and goal was to start up the project and allow for people to take over and make this mainly a community driven distro. In the past year, I have had several offers of help and have received loads of help from several people however, nothing has been consistent and nobody has stepped forward to aid in building or maintaining. As much as I wanted to see this project take off, it just does not have the user base that we had hoped for. 

Currently there are discussions happening in an attempt to continue Manjaro-Arm through a group of people that would have more time than I. Nothing is final however, we will continue these discussions until a resolve can be found.It is important to note that even though the Project will be shutting down, I will not delete anything and all the work that we did will remain on local backups until needed again.

Please read the forum post for more...


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