A version for any use

Media edition

A Manjaro-Arm built around setting up an HTPC or other media device. Media Edition comes preloaded with Kodi and is configured to get you going out of the box with minimal configuration on your end.

Server Edition

Manjaro-Arm Server Edition is packaged with the idea of using your embedded device as a file or webserver. It is preloaded with SSH, FTP, and a LAMP server configured for basic usage.

Base Edition

The Base Edition is aimed to fulfill a large number of applications. It comes preloaded with XFCE desktop and several useful applications. It can be configured to be used for anything.

Minimal Edition

Manjaro-Arm Minimal Edition is a very basic installation of Manjaro-Arm. It will come with no preloaded packages or desktop. It will only have a root user. Great for building it your way.


Manjaro-Arm 16.05 Released

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  • 17th May, 2016

I am proud to announce that FINALLY 16.05 is finished. Not much has changed on the surface for the end users however I have spent a great amount of time switching the way things are handled in the backend so that building and maintaining is both easier and less time consuming on my part. 

The most notable change in the back end is a new rootfs built for Manjaro-Arm. Previously, I was creating it manually and it was very time consuming, now with the Basestrap script from Manjaro-Tools, I can create the rootfs within a matter of minutes. 

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User intervention required to update

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  • 25th Apr, 2016

Update to support package signing -- User intervention required


I have made huge changes to the repo. For the past week or so we have been working on implementing package signing in the same sense as Archlinux and Manjaro. Earlier, I syned the repo that has signatures for most packages.

As you will notice, you will probably have a few issues updating or installing something and below is a few commands to run to fix. I dont like having things done this way so I have also implemented the manjaro-system package as a way to minimize user intervention in the future.


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GTK 3.20 Update and New base themes

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  • 19th Apr, 2016

As some of you may have noticed, the repo now contains gtk 3.20. With any gtk or qt toolkit update, some old themes may break. This was obviously the case for the Manjaro Menda theme that is preinstalled and configured on the Base edition. 

Manjaro has decided to switch from their Menda theme group to a Vertex theme with maia styling. Like Manjaro, we have also decided to switch and use the Vertex theme with Manjaro-Arm Base edition. Currently the theme is being worked on however, it looks great and is compatible with gtk 3.20. 

Of course, these are just theme options…

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