Providing the best of both worlds!

Ease of use

With an aligned mindset of Manjaro, Manjaro-ARM brings you an operating system that is ready to go out of the box. No wasted time configuring the system before you can even use it. We have several Editions that are created for most embedded use-cases. It only takes minutes to set up a server, build a mini-desktop, or even just get a powerful linux shell.


Using one of the best distros, Arch Linux, as a base; Manjaro-ARM provides a very powerful Linux Distro that can be customized in way that the user wants. It is important to have your system the way you want it.

Easy to use installer

Our installer goes one step further in making a new or experienced user at home. It provides a simple GUI (dialog) to help you configure your device. It can be ran once installed or on the computer before the device ever boots up. Aimed to make the whole process more enjoyable for you.

Recent News

18.09 Released!

Releases     •     Sep 2nd, 2018

At the start of the month I pushed out version 18.09 of the "manjaro-release" package for ARM.

Download here!

New images are available
Raspberry Pi 2/3: Minimal and LXQT
Odroid C1: Minimal and LXQT
Odroid C2: Minimal and LXQT
Odroid XU4: Minimal and LXQT


  • New kernels
  • Updated packages in general
  • Odroid C2 images now use the mainline kernel 4.18
  • Automatic resizing of filesystems on first boot (device will reboot once when first powered on)
  • Torrents for all images also available


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18.07 Released

Releases     •     Jul 19th, 2018

At the start of the month I pushed out version 18.07 of the `manjaro-release` package for ARM.

Download here!

A new Minimal image is available for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 plus the Odroid C1, C2 and XU4 (xu4 one is untested).

  • New kernel
  • updated packages in general

What about other devices?

Odroid-C1, Odroid-C2 and Odroid-XU4 images are also now available for download.
The previous issue with HDMI output has now been resolved.
I haven't been able to test…

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