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Manjaro-Arm 16.12 released

Releases • Dec 23rd, 2016

Happy Friday!

We have just made the 16.12 Release of Manjaro-Arm live. You can get it on the downloads page linked below. As with any release, we welcome any true bug reports and expect there to be some. Let us know so we can start resolving.




16.12 Coming soon

Releases • Dec 17th, 2016


As we get ready to finish up the 16.12 release, I thought it best to create a post about what to expect. As this is a rolling release distro, there will be no push to update from previous versions if everything is already working well for you. Essentially this is only a snapshot of current repos, perhaps a few days or weeks old as we have been working on this for quite some time. What…


Manjaro-Arm KDE Community Edition

Releases • Oct 20th, 2016

Adding to the list of community editions, we are proud to present the KDE release. Official Manjaro-Arm developer (plus more) Strit has created a KDE image to be used on the Armv7 Raspberry Pi devices. He recommends it to be used on the Raspberry Pi 3 however it does work on the 2. KDE, by default, is pretty heavy on usage however, Strit has taken the time to strip it down to be usable on…


Community Edition - LXQt

Releases • Sep 12th, 2016


We are happy to announce the first ever community edtition of Manjaro-Arm. Member MPU has created a community edition of Manjaro-Arm. MPU worked from the Manjaro-Arm Minimal Edition and built a version with LXQt desktop. Some of the included features are included below. 

  • Display Manager - Lxdm
  • Internet - Firefox, X11vnc, Elinks
  • Programing - Geany, Spyder, Python-set, Qt-set
  • Multimedia - Smplayer, Audacious, Moc
  • Graphics - Viewnior, Pinta
  • Accessories - Qpdfview, Leafpad, BleachBit, File-roller, Mc

This edition was made for the Raspberry Pi…


16.08 Release [Raspi 2 and 3]

Releases • Aug 29th, 2016

Manjaro-Arm 16.08 Release

For Rapsberry Pi 2 and 3 (more coming soon)


With the end of August coming soon, it only felt right to release the next snapshot for Manjaro-Arm. Currently, the Minimal and Base editions are live however, the Server Edition will be up soon. I expect the Media Edition to come in the next few days.

While some have you may have noticed we have been working on the repos again which…