16.12 Coming soon

Releases • Dec 17th, 2016


As we get ready to finish up the 16.12 release, I thought it best to create a post about what to expect. As this is a rolling release distro, there will be no push to update from previous versions if everything is already working well for you. Essentially this is only a snapshot of current repos, perhaps a few days or weeks old as we have been working on this for quite some time. What is new is the support for more devices.

16.12 will drop in a few days and with it, full planned support for the Raspberry Pi 1 (and thus Raspberry Pi Zero). We will officially support Minimal, Server, and Media editions of Manjaro-Arm for the Arm 6 Raspberry Pi devices. Through our testing of a Base Edition, it seemed just too slow to maintain a full desktop. Perhaps someone would be so kind as to create a desktop community edition of what they feel works best

We will also have full support for the Odroid C2. I have purchased this device and spent some time getting everything working as expected. It has been one of the best performing embedded devices I have come across and I am very pleased with how Manjaro-Arm functions. You can expect all 4 editions on the C2.

I have also been working on the BeagleBone Black and Beagleboard xM. I'm not sure if lthey will be ready on release day but they are nearly there as it is so maybe just a slight delay on those boards. We only plan to support the Minimal and Server edition of these two boards. Again we welcome community editions and are interested to see what others come up with. 

I look forward to getting these released so that I can return to focusing on packages and keeping things updated. During my holiday break, I plan on updating most the packages and kernels to bring everything back up to date as quickly as possible.


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