Donate to the Manjaro-ARM Project

What costs does Manjaro-ARM have

While the overhead costs of Manjaro-ARM are quite low, we do have a few things we have to pay for. The major things are the costs of servers. Currently we are functioning on one webserver that hosts the websites and the main repo.

We also have our build server that hosts another mirror of the repo but allows us to build packages as soon as we update their code on github. This server is owned by our own Strit and he has been gracious enough to let us use it for our needs. Outside of these, we are paying for another mirror to provide better download options for our packages.

We don't mind paying for these however, any donations would be distributed to help pay for these servers so that we can remain connected and serving you packages.

What else would you do with donations

One of the other uses for the donations would be to buy developmental devices to expand our supported devices lists. We can only buy so many out of pocket and sadly that number is pretty low. Any excess money recieved from donations would go to fund purchases of new devices that we can build Manjaro-ARM for.

Okay, after all that, where does the excess money go

We are doing this with no intent on getting paid. If we wanted money, this site would have ads. The excess money would be donated to one of our amazing sponsors at the OSL project. The project provides mirrors, webspace, and other server needs for many open source projects. They do not charge Manjaro-ARM anything and we are grateful to have them sponsor us. In return, the least we could do is throw any excess funds their way to help cover their cost. They help out many different projects and focus only on the Open Source community. For more information on the project and what they are all about, please go here to check out their website.


  • No rights or privileges are associated with a deposit.
  • All donations are anonymous. Any sender details are not published or shared.
  • A tax-related donation receipt can not be issued because is not a commercial and registered organization.
  • Legally, it is a private donation.

Currently donations are being processed through PayPal, LiberaPay and BTC only. Click the links below to be able to donate.