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Community Edition - LXQt

Releases • Sep 12th, 2016


We are happy to announce the first ever community edtition of Manjaro-Arm. Member MPU has created a community edition of Manjaro-Arm. MPU worked from the Manjaro-Arm Minimal Edition and built a version with LXQt desktop. Some of the included features are included below. 

  • Display Manager - Lxdm
  • Internet - Firefox, X11vnc, Elinks
  • Programing - Geany, Spyder, Python-set, Qt-set
  • Multimedia - Smplayer, Audacious, Moc
  • Graphics - Viewnior, Pinta
  • Accessories - Qpdfview, Leafpad, BleachBit, File-roller, Mc

This edition was made for the Raspberry Pi…