Manjaro-Arm Editions

An edition for everyone

Info for all all Editions:

All editions will boot with a few standard settings. SSH will be enabled for both the manjaro and the root users. The standard port 22 is used.

The default user is manjaro and the password is manjaro it is strongly recommended that you create a new user or at least change the password the the manjaro user to keep your device secure. Information on this process can be found on our wiki

Minimal Edition

Manjaro-Arm Minimal Edition is ideal for the people that want to build their device's operating system the way that they want. It comes with nothing more than the very basics in order to boot. It does not contain any GUI or desktop and user will be presented with a simple login screen droping to the TTY comand line.

The Minimal Edition does have the full repo available and is ready to do whatever you have in mind. It is a clean canvas so that you can create that perfect Manjaro-Arm edition that suits your needs.

Base Edition

Manjaro-Arm Base Edition is preloaded with a great looking XFCE desktop ready to do whatever you need in terms of general computing. Your embedded device can be used for browsing the internet, downloading media, or checking mail and chats. It comes with basically everything required for a general desktop environment including Web Browser, Email Client, File Manager, and more.

As all of our editions, the Base Edition includes the full repo and can be changed to fit your needs. XFCE is one of the most customizable desktops out there so go ahead, make it your own.

Server Edition

Manjaro-Arm Server edition is perfect for a simple web or files host. It has no desktop but it is preconfigured for a LAMP stack. For those wondering what a LAMP stack means, it stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. These are your basic components of a website server. With this, hosting a website is as simple as installing and puting your files in place.

We have also included a FTP server so that you can easily transfer files to and from the device over the network or if you choose, simply run the FTP server as your file server and create an amazingly small file server for whatever you need.

Media Edition

Manjaro-Arm Media edition is a simple setup to allow you to use your embedded device (if compatible) as an HTPC or media streaming server. It comes preloaded with Kodi, the infamous HTPC solution for all platforms.

We have decided to leave this very simple. It is believed that users will want to configure this specifically to what they want or need. It will FTP access for file transfers but as far as any other media sharing protocol goes, it is up to the user.

Community Editions

We strongly support the idea of community editions. One of the best things about Manjaro Linux is the community editions that people create. If someone wants to create an edition of Manjaro-Arm that suits their needs better than the above 4, please share it. Others might find that it is also the edition for them.

Some of the editions that might help is a minimal desktop using QT such as LXQT or even other desktops that will run on these embedded boards well. We also look forward to other server implementations not using apache and mysql. All of this is up to the community but we are here to help guide you along the way to so that you can package your version as a Manjaro-Arm Community Edition.

If you have an idea about a community edition, let us know in the forums and we will help you get started.