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Community Edition - LXQt

Releases • Sep 12th, 2016


We are happy to announce the first ever community edtition of Manjaro-Arm. Member MPU has created a community edition of Manjaro-Arm. MPU worked from the Manjaro-Arm Minimal Edition and built a version with LXQt desktop. Some of the included features are included below. 

  • Display Manager - Lxdm
  • Internet - Firefox, X11vnc, Elinks
  • Programing - Geany, Spyder, Python-set, Qt-set
  • Multimedia - Smplayer, Audacious, Moc
  • Graphics - Viewnior, Pinta
  • Accessories - Qpdfview, Leafpad, BleachBit, File-roller, Mc

This edition was made for the Raspberry Pi…


16.08 Release [Raspi 2 and 3]

Releases • Aug 29th, 2016

Manjaro-Arm 16.08 Release

For Rapsberry Pi 2 and 3 (more coming soon)


With the end of August coming soon, it only felt right to release the next snapshot for Manjaro-Arm. Currently, the Minimal and Base editions are live however, the Server Edition will be up soon. I expect the Media Edition to come in the next few days.

While some have you may have noticed we have been working on the repos again which…


Installation Videos

Misc. • Aug 12th, 2016


It seems as if someone from the Manjaro Polish team made some amazing videos that display the installation of Manjaro-Arm through both typical methods. Member SN posted these on the forums. Perhaps there should be some official installation videos but until we can do those, these videos are amazingly well put together. The GUI language is in Polish however, it should be easy for someone of any language to follow along.

I would like to thank…


New Website!

Updates • Aug 5th, 2016

As we are gearing up for the 16.08 release, we felt it necessary to go ahead and revamp the website. I took this opportunity to make things a bit cleaner and more organized on the server. With all the down time that I had in the past few months, nothing really major (as far as releases go) got completed. Things are starting to slow down which will allow me to work on Manjaro-Arm…


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