18.09 Released!

Releases     •    Sep 2nd, 2018

At the start of the month I pushed out version 18.09 of the "manjaro-release" package for ARM.

Download here!

New images are available
Raspberry Pi 2/3: Minimal and LXQT
Odroid C1: Minimal and LXQT
Odroid C2: Minimal and LXQT
Odroid XU4: Minimal and LXQT


  • New kernels
  • Updated packages in general
  • Odroid C2 images now use the mainline kernel 4.18
  • Automatic resizing of filesystems on first boot (device will reboot once when first powered on)
  • Torrents for all images also available

What about other devices?
I haven’t been able to test the XU4 image, so please do so if you have an XU4 and report back.

I tried making some pine64 test images, but they do not seem to work. Will try again when support for it gets into mainline kernel in 4.19 (rumored).

We don’t support any armv6h devices, as that would require extra manpower and a bigger server hosting the repository.

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