18.07 Released

Releases     •    Jul 19th, 2018

At the start of the month I pushed out version 18.07 of the `manjaro-release` package for ARM.

Download here!

A new Minimal image is available for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 plus the Odroid C1, C2 and XU4 (xu4 one is untested).

  • New kernel
  • updated packages in general

What about other devices?

Odroid-C1, Odroid-C2 and Odroid-XU4 images are also now available for download.
The previous issue with HDMI output has now been resolved.
I haven't been able to test the XU4 image, so please do so if you have an XU4 and report back.

We don't support any armv6h devices, as that would require extra manpower and a bigger server hosting the repository.

Future plans

The plan for Manjaro-ARM right now, is to release new minimal images for supported devices, when there is a need. Meaning if some big change happens that is not fixed by updating packages, I will release new images.

Other editions might get released often, but it depends on the maintainers of those editions.
This should become easier soon, hopefully, as I have started working on our own `manjaro-arm-tools` to generate images from your desktop PC.

The new tools will be used until Manjaro Architect supports our ARM platform and will consist of:

  • `buildarmimg` which will generate a .img and a .zip containing that .img.
  • `buildarmpkg` which will be used to create a package for an ARM platform.
  • Profiles to be used when creating the images, so you can create an image for minimal, mate, lxqt or others with a simple command. The profiles will contain all the settings and changed config files needed to give the edition the look and feel of Manjaro-ARM.

From here on, the future MATE editions (by @grayjack) are considered official releases and will have a download button on the page, just below the Minimal one.


I have also created a Patreon to help with funding.

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